And so it begins--

Greetings: our campaign for the Oregon State Senate is officially launched--filed with the Secretary of State, covered by the local papers, the whole deal. I'm excited, as is our whole team; the phrase Immense Possibilities comes to mind (a little product-placement there).

We hope you'll give our campaign a careful look to see if it moves forward what you want to see in Oregon and the Rogue Valley.  If it does, please bring it to the attention of your friends and neighbors.  This will be a steep climb, and it will take the coordinated energy of hundreds of us to make it over the top.  Which we will.

Part of that is pooling the best ideas and insights among us. That's why we'll be hosting an ongoing conversation on Facebook, to get counsel from supporters and a clear perspective on the concerns of people who may not yet know who they're supporting. If you're comfortable jumping into online discussions, join ours.

Here we go.  Hope you're along for the ride.       Jeff  



Jeff GoldenPost