Our slow response to climate change betrays our children and their children.

Shifting away from dirty fossil fuels to a clean economy isn’t just a moral imperative; it is one of the greatest opportunities to create family-wage jobs in our lifetime.

In partnership with other western states taking action on climate, Oregon can show the world that slashing emissions is good for the economy.

What I Believe

Action We Need

  • Passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, to FINALLY make the fossil fuel industry pay its own way, stimulate family-wage job growth

  • Ensure Oregon’s Clean Fuels program keeps reducing the carbon intensity of fuels at a rapid rate

  • Support public transportation infrastructure that better serves the public and plans for growth

  • Stop making it worse. Oppose plans to invest in dying fossil-fuel infrastructure, especially the Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector fracked-gas pipeline in Southern Oregon

Jeff Golden on Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector

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