Ballots are due May 15

Let’s fight for a better Oregon

This midterm election is a gut check. We’ve seen what cynicism and division does to national politics. That’s not us. Oregon’s poised to lead the way to a practical future that puts people first.

I Work for You


Jeff will lead

“Jeff’s service to our community and principled stands on the issues have been rock-solid for decades.”

- Pam Marsh, State Representative District 5

Long after the average citizen leaves a public hearing, paid lobbyists remain behind. Money corrupts government, which is why I will accept no campaign contributions from corporations, lobbyists, or special interest groups. Leadership is supposed to be chosen by elections, not auctions.

I want your support to fight for Oregon.

Let’s join together to:

  • Build a sustainable economy for people, families, and communities, not Wall Street
  • Give our children a safe climate by investing in the energy of the future, not the past
  • Deliver affordable universal healthcare
  • Champion robust public education - what all kids deserve
  • Respect and uplift everyone, regardless of gender, race or nationality


OCCUPATION: Producer/host: Immense Possibilities, PBS


“Jeff Golden would make an outstanding State Senator.”

- Former Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Journalist; Host of JPR’s Jefferson Exchange; Home construction contractor; Organizational consultant and mediator; Whitewater river guide, founding President of Oregon Guides Association; Small business owner

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Harvard University (two years); Master’s degree in Broadcast Communications, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, American Leadership Forum

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Jackson County Commissioner; RV Council of Governments; Chair, Jackson-Josephine Job Council; Chief-of-Staff to Oregon Senate President; Oregon Criminal Corrections Commission; Portland City Commission, water policy aide.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Board member: RV YMCA; Jackson County CASA; Oregon Special Olympics; Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Incorporated (SOREDI); Mediation Works; Pacific Nonprofit Network; Project Rogue Valley. Created Annual Abundance Swap.