We can have a healthcare system that:

  • Covers every citizen effectively and affordably

  • Centers more on wellness than disease

  • Costs much less per capita than our current system

What I Believe

Action We Need

  • Expand Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) model to integrate all services that contribute to an individual’s health

  • Advance a “Public Option” for single-payer insurance by bringing more and more Oregonians into the CCO system to lower per-patient cost

  • Support Federally Qualified Health Centers - like La Clinica and Rogue Community Health - to ensure lower-income people have access to health care

  • Address health holistically and ensure everyone has access to core services - including housing, nutrition, transportation, clean air and water standards, and education



"I have lived in Southern Oregon for over 4 decades and have observed Jeff as he served as County Commissioner, defended our natural resources, and stood up for our interests time and time again over the years. I know Jeff Golden will serve the citizens of our region with integrity and thoughtful passion."