Dot Levy: Golden for Senate

Daily Tidings | January 19

Jeff Golden is running for state Senate! Alan DeBoer has been a nice caretaker for Dr. Alan Bates’ 3rd District seat, but now we have the opportunity to have a real state senator.

Check Jeff out at his website: — the more you read, the more there is to like about him. His qualifications, his values and his personal style mesh very well with Southern Oregon. He’s Harvard educated, but spent the 1970s growing his own food, managing forest land, building homes and guiding white water rafting trips. He’s served in a variety of local government positions, including as Jackson County commissioner. Jeff has built his own TV show, “Immense Possibilities,” into a nationally syndicated program.

Jeff Golden has the knowledge, the skills, the values and the vision to be our next great state senator.

Dot Levy


Sarah Golden