Barb Barasa: Golden acts for us

By Barb Barasa | Ashland Daily Tidings | October 12, 2018

Jeff Golden does his homework, knows the issues, has worked with governmental agencies and will work for us. He has been an active member of our community for decades (Jefferson Exchange, Abundance Swap) and knows how to effect meaningful change.

He is not taking any money from special interest groups — even those groups whose positions he agrees with — even though this puts his campaign at a financial disadvantage, because that would make him beholden to those groups. He will support funding for health care and the arts! He will never just tell people what they want to hear. I would like to see more women in positions of power, but not those with ties to special interests.

I feel only Jeff has the right combination of progressive vision, experience, dedication to hard work and thoughtful solutions that we need to follow in Alan Bates’ footsteps. Please help elect Jeff Golden!

Barb Barasa


Sarah Golden