Rebecca Gyarmathy: Voting for Golden

By Rebecca Gyarmathy | Ashland Daily Tidings | October 12, 2018

Jessica Gomez won’t commit to Southern Oregonians.

When the candidates were asked about supporting Jordan Cove, she held up both the yes and no sign. She says she is pro-choice but supports measure 106 that limits access to abortion in health plans. She has expressed opposition to the Clean Energy Jobs bill.

Meanwhile, Jeff Golden, refusing to take any corporate or PAC money, wants to address climate and forest concerns and supports a woman’s right to choose. He is consistent on these issues and has been for decades.

Gomez’ handlers have her deflecting questions and keeping quiet, hoping to fool voters into thinking that a generic Latina woman might be the answer.

This woman will be voting for Jeff Golden, a consistent and steady voice for Southern Oregon. Vote for Jeff Golden!

Rebecca Gyarmathy


Sarah Golden