Michael and Barbara Steely: Vote for Golden

By Michael and Barbara Steely | Ashland Daily Tidings | October 29, 2018

You’ve probably heard it said that turnout for mid-term elections tends to be lackluster. No doubt you’ve also heard this particular mid-term is an extremely important election, and that is true.

Our local race for the state Senate could determine whether or not Oregon continues the progressive legacy promoted by Dr. Alan Bates, especially in expanded access to health care and addressing the crisis of climate change.

Jeff Golden has in-depth knowledge of the issues in addition to valuable experience. Even if Jessica Gomez claims to hold similar positions, her party definitely does not and freshman senators are expected to toe their line. Unlike Jessica, Jeff has not accepted any PAC money and is beholden only to us.

Washington is paralyzed. If we hope to improve our offspring’s quality of life, we need to start at the local level. Vote for Jeff Golden: it’s up to us.

Sarah Golden