Dot Fisher-Smith: Golden has stepped up

Daily Tidings | January 27

Jeff Golden’s down-to-earth letter to the editor in the Jan. 22 Tidings, rallying us to urge Governor Brown to reject the LNG project, attests to his powerful agency as a candidate skilled in practical common sense, no-nonsense strategy: straight-forward, indisputable facts, weighing in on all the factors making it clear this project does not serve us the people, or the undesecrated remnant of earth that pipeline would desecrate.

Jeff is a born politician, in the upright, honorable tradition (think Wayne Morse, Jim Weaver) of ethical political behavior, putting personal interests aside for the good of the whole in order to save what’s left of the Commons. How fortunate for all of us that Jeff has stepped up to replace Alan Bates in the State Senate, where he will push social and economic policies and protections that will benefit all Oregonians. He has a clear vision that we can become a model for other states to emulate. Thank you, Jeff, you give me hope that there may yet be a viable future for the next and possibly even the seventh generation. A ray of hope, let’s get out the vote!

Technically, Jeff will be replacing Alan DeBoer, a place-holder for that office. In spirit, he will not only replace, but surpass Dr. Bates’ worthy accomplishments.

Dot Fisher-Smith

Sarah Golden