Barb Barasa: Golden has it all

Mail Tribune | April 6

I’ve lived in the Rogue Valley for 21 years. I appreciated Jeff Golden’s insightful interviews when he hosted The Jefferson Exchange on JPR and now Jeff is running for Oregon Senate!

He is not taking any money from special interest groups — even those groups whose positions he agrees with, even though this puts his campaign at a financial disadvantage. I’d certainly like to see more women in office, but I am not going to vote for someone only because she is a woman, especially one with ties to those special interests.

Jeff does his homework, knows the issues, has worked with governmental agencies and will work for us.

All the candidates are well-intentioned, but I feel only Jeff has the right combination of a progressive vision, experience and dedication to hard work that we need and that he is most electable in the general election. Please help elect Jeff Golden!

Barb Barasa

Sarah Golden