Claudia Chaves: Impeccable service

Mail Tribune | April 8

Jeff Golden is running for an Oregon Senate seat — I rejoiced to hear this. Over decades, he has consistently put his caring into action for the well-being of people and the community.

I was aware of his singular integrity as county commissioner (1987-1991). Anyone who has watched his program Immense Possibilities on SOPTV over the years can see how he finds the most creative, compassionate and effective people and projects to present, while also eliciting the best in his viewers. I support his position on affordable health care for all Oregonians, and reducing carbon emissions while creating sustainable energy jobs.

He yet again is demonstrating his incorruptibility by not pandering to big money interests — though I hope that people and organizations with money, who support the causes he’s worked for all his life, do endorse him and donate to his campaign.

Claudia Chaves

Sarah Golden