David Lane: Vote for Golden

Mail Tribune | April 13

Umm ... I have a confession to make: In past elections, when I didn’t know much about any of the candidates, I’d look at the Voters’ Pamphlet. I figured that if “good” organizations were supporting a candidate, then I could vote for that person. But, this time there is one candidate for Senate District 3 who is not accepting any money from PACs, corporations or special interests. What I didn’t know was — if you don’t agree to accept their money, then you do not get their endorsement. This candidate isn’t willing to accept this trade-off because those endorsements and contributions always come with strings attached. Even the “good” organizations will make demands.

If you are ready to elect a different kind of candidate, one who isn’t tied to any special interest money, one who says, “Leadership is supposed to be chosen by elections, not auctions,” then vote for Jeff Golden.

David Lane

Sarah Golden