Peggy Moore: Supporting Golden

Mail Tribune | April 18

Jeff Golden will make a significant contribution to Southern Oregon if we send him to Salem.

A longtime resident of Southern Oregon, Jeff has served as a county commissioner, been the founding host of the community-based show Immense Possibilities, where he has welcomed diverse people who run organizations and community-based programs, a radio host, and volunteered in a variety of volunteer groups and organizations.

Jeff has a keen interest in issues facing the community and the state. He is an honest man who will bring integrity and thoughtfulness to the job of governing. He listens and sees the “big picture.” He will not bring a personal agenda to the job but rather seek the best solutions to issues and problems that will benefit the citizens of our communities.

As a resident of Southern Oregon 34 years who is involved in our community, I look forward to having Jeff in Salem.

Peggy Moore


Sarah Golden