Ron Hertz: Golden for State Senate

Mail Tribune | April 21

Jeff Golden understands the need for progressive, pragmatic state leadership, especially in these times of chaos in Washington. When it comes to pushing for universal health care, responsibly addressing climate change or creating programs that lessen economic injustice, Jeff could become a powerful, effective voice in Salem.

Rejecting any donations and obligations from any and all political action committees, Jeff refuses to play the money-politics game. He is the people’s candidate, and he deserves the support of all citizens who share his common-sense ideals for a more just, humane, and sustainable future.

We live in a time of intense cynicism, as the stench of our national leadership tempts us to condemn the whole world of government. In contrast, Jeff Golden reminds us of the kind of leaders we most sorely need. His experience, vision, and passion would make him a state senator offering immense possibilities for a better future.

Ron Hertz


Sarah Golden