Donna Hertz: Golden is prepared

Mail Tribune | May 5, 2018

To distinguish between pre-packaged, unprepared candidates and those who are knowledgeable enough to deserve being elected, it’s best to see the people up close and watch them respond to challenging questions. I recently had such an opportunity at a forum for Democratic State Senate candidates.

A leading candidate to the Democratic nomination, Athena Goldberg, revealed herself as unprepared to represent us in Salem. Although she is sympathetic and animated, she spoke almost entirely in personal, anecdotal example and did not clarify her position on any issues. While it is my hope that more women will prevail in politics, frankly, she has not done her homework, and more problematically, has taken special-interest endorsements.

In contrast, Jeff Golden revealed himself to be fully prepared to become an exceptional state senator. At the forum, he answered questions with specificity, in-depth information and passion. His experience, commitment to democratic ideals and refusal to accept special interest money should motivate us to elect him.

Donna Hertz


Sarah Golden