Bonnie Johnson: Support Golden

Daily Tidings, May 1, 2018

We are fortunate to have candidate forums for our upcoming elections. Thursday’s panel of four candidates for DeBoer’s District 3 Senate seat was the perfect opportunity to learn how effective the candidates are.

Sometimes voters get confusing or misleading information in voters’ pamphlets, and this is the best way to verify for ourselves. I was puzzled by the Sierra Club endorsement of one candidate when I knew Jeff Golden was the most experienced and effective choice for the environment. I called the Portland Sierra Club office to find out how they had made this mistake. They apologized for being short-staffed and for not tracking down a response from Jeff, who had been traveling outside the country when they sent their survey.

I believe it diminishes the value of their endorsement, selecting the weakest candidate based on insufficient information. I hope voters pay attention instead to Jeff’s excellent record.

Bonnie Johnson

Sarah Golden