It's time for Oregon to lead where America is falling short. Standing fiercely for social justice is core to who we are.

What I Believe

Action We Need

  • Ensure workplace equity and safety for women, and meaningful recourse for all who have been sexually harassment and gender discrimination

  • Protect reproductive rights and the freedom of all adults to make decisions about their own health and bodies

  • Do everything possible to end the atrocity of human trafficking along Interstate 5 and elsewhere, beginning with strong support for citizen groups who've taken the lead

  • Defend and strengthen equal rights for Oregonians of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, races, national origins and beliefs

  • Oppose federal immigration enforcement activity that violates established law and internationally-recognized human rights  

  • Legislatively support the practical, on-the-ground work of groups like Family Forward and  the Fairshot Oregon coalition

More of the Story   

The Trump era’s overt racism and complicity in the contempt for women has stirred a long overdue conversation. We can't be quiet.

Gender discrimination and harassment isn’t a "woman's problem." It's all of our problem. It degrades us as a state and nation. Reversing the culture of violence and contempt that feeds it is up to all of us.   

Immigration brings new skills and ideas that strengthen our economy and culture. Diversity is an asset and inclusion is core to Oregon’s values.

Now is the time to defend social justice in Oregon.