Here's why I’m running.

I'm like most people I know, stunned and discouraged by what’s happened in American politics this past year.  But Oregon, maybe more than any other state, is on the brink of becoming a model for smart, resourceful, forward-thinking policies. 

We have a chance, right now, to make a big difference.

As national government seems to be going backwards, the moment's exactly right for moving Oregon forward to be the place that others look to for policies and projects that really work. It would be an honor to take part in that movement as a State Senator who asks for, listens to and takes seriously his constituents' concerns and ideas. 

At the outset I'll be focused on three key issues. 

These issues top my list. How about yours?

Our system is based on representative government. To represent you well, I have to know your biggest concerns and best ideas.  Let me know either on:

We're serious about this. I'm not a fan of campaign promises, but here's mine:

I will listen carefully and receptively to what you have to say. Always.


Meet Jeff

Jeff's been working for a healthy and sustainable Rogue Valley for 45 years.